The Journey Continues, Don’t Let it Get You Down…

It has been quite a long time since I have written an entry. There is not one specific reason why I stopped.  I honestly regret not keeping this up, at least on a monthly basis. Since the last time I wrote an entry,  I have finished my first year in the Bachelor in Healthcare Management Program through WGU,  watched my oldest son Hunter, finish his first year in middle school and my youngest son Lucas, finish Kindergarten.  OMG, where has time gone?

To take you all back, I had my exchange surgery June 28, 2016. It was the easiest surgery by far to recover from. I didn’t have “rock boobs” (as Lucas would call them). I woke up to soft squishy boobs again. I was feeling pretty good about myself and happy that the exchange was over and I was “finished”. Well to say the least, I was not finished. In November, I made a follow up appointment with the famous Dr. Scott for a follow up as he wanted to make sure I was healing well. When I pointed out to him that my “foobs” felt like they were under my armpits, (aka arm pillows). He agreed with me and agreed that we could do a revision that would bring the “foobs” closer to the middle of the chest, to give the look of actual breasts. I was unable to wear an underwire bra, if I would have been able wear one I would have had to have a specialty bra made. I always use the movie reference from “Just Go With It”, with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. Humor helps everything.

So February 8, 2017, I had a bilateral revision surgery on both breasts. I was told this wouldn’t be very painful. HOLY COW, that was not the case. This was for sure the most physically painful surgery I have ever been through. I was unable to it up without the wind being taken away from from the agonizing ripping sensation and pain I was feeling from the gravity and weight of the 770cc implants. At the end of recovery, I was beyond thrilled with my results and have vaguely forgotten the misery I endured for 4 days.

Fast forward to July 2017…I have slowly been noticing that my bras are giving me ulcers in the middle of my chest, I have bee having to pull them up and into my bras and my arms are starting to develop pillows again.  I proactively made an appointment with the famous Dr. Scott to discuss my options. I went into this appointment optimistic and ready to hear my next step in this adventure…

He agreed with me that they have moved again but the nature of gravity is a bitch and the size/weight of the implant can do this.  His first suggestion would be to go up to 900cc implants and do more fat grafting. His second suggestion was to do a latisumuss dorsi flap transfer.  We agreed that we should start at the least involved and could have the larger surgery in my back pocket if ever needed.

I was mentally prepared to undergo another revision with larger implants and the surgery scheduler called and informed me that they “device company”, that 800cc implants are the largest that are made. I was in shock. Disappointment set in and started Chin-up-gorgeous-dont-let-it-get-to-you...the questioning of asking myself if I did the right thing in December 2015, when I decided to start this process. Self pity, feeling sorry for myself, what if questions flooded my brain.  The bottom line is, I am where I am and whatever comes about will be the right thing. I started researching and asking questions to other women who have been through preventative mastectomy’s. I joined support groups of Facebook for women who have or are going to have a preventative mastectomy. One woman wrote that a company is conducting a clinical trial for women who require larger implants than are currently manufactured. I am looking into this….stay tuned


Until the next time…